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Because hope

is not a strategy!

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in one of my offices

  (Liège or Paliseul)

in online session

your house

(on request for Belgium & Luxembourg)


The solution is you!


How could it be otherwise because only you can make the decision to change your life, to improve it so that it becomes a journey and not a forced march.

Convinced of the importance of change through action , I suggest that you accompany you towards your destination with concrete actions in your personal development , in the creation of your projects or in your path to healing .

Remember:  hope is not a strategy.

So take action!

But not anyhow.

The 3R Method

Latest releases

Some references

" I discovered Eric during a conference. Touched in the heart by the content and the form of his intervention, I then had the chance to work with him during individual sessions, always pleasant and constructive! Back to essential basics (my values, my driving forces, etc.) followed by a concrete action plan.


Today I understood that the solution is ME...

and I move forward surely and more serenely! "



(Lyon, France)

"Eric has this gift of transmitting a

incredible positive energy,

to challenge and above all, to inspire.


Eric manages, thanks to his contagious enthusiasm and his professionalism, to push back the limits that we put above all on ourselves. ambition we have for the project, while giving very relevant leads."




(Waver / Belgium)

“Your guidance has been invaluable to me and my team as we have been able to not only identify our strengths and weaknesses, but have faced them by practicing your guidance.

We came out of it with greater brand visibility and better knowledge of our products, an increase in the number of potential customers and an ease in speaking up! "


(Marakech / Morocco)

" Returning by bicycle from a dinner

family, I see the sky bathed in a thousand

colors. I stop for 10 minutes,

sitting in the fields and watching the sun go down and disappear over the horizon.

I wanted to thank you for teaching me to take the time and to nourish myself with beauty.

Thank you... Unconditionally thank you! "




(Rebecq / Belgium)

“Eric, a man as passionate as he is fascinating. With a big heart like that!


An enlightening, inspiring opinion, which makes you want to open doors that you might never have dared to open. Something to reboost a stagnant project or launch something new on a solid foundation. "


(Louvain-La-Neuve / Belgium)

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