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Only one key: yours!

If there is anything that irritates me, it is these theories of artistic career development formatted on those of the industry. It is a heresy! An artistic career is, by definition and by essence, a singularity. How can it be reduced to the level of a mass uniformity? It is absurd!

The management of a career for an artist is first and foremost the learning of himself, of the recognition and the acceptance of his singularity and especially - yes especially! - the joyful and powerful desire to express the world that bubbles up inside him.
The most difficult thing is not to open a door but to have the right key to give us concrete access to our desires.

The best career choices are always made with the heart and not with prefabricated strategies. Being oneself, i.e. acting in accordance with one's deepest self, is the only development strategy that makes sense and therefore has a reality!
The rest is only tools and can be easily learned.

Examples of "career" coaching

  • Definition of your singularities

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Public speaking

  • Managing your fears and drivers

  • Use of social networks

  • Writing an effective resume

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Development of resilience

  • The 5 primary fears

  • Strategy vs. Hope

  • Creative visualization

  • Management of the environment

or specific problem (contact me)

For a tailor-made formula or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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