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Eric Lefèvre

Who am I ?

Because the solution is you!
Eric Lefèvre

After my training as an electromechanical industrial engineer specializing in robotics, I quickly turned to my real passion : the human !

Master corporate trainer and personal development coach for 35 years, I have been appointed as a Soft Skills Expert with the PwC Academy in particular and as a pedagogical director for numerous teaching projects.

I teach and I practice interpersonal communication in its many aspects in order to improve everyone's daily life, professionally or personally, or during missions entrusted to me.

At the same time, out of usefulness and by choice, I also trained at INSAS as a professional actor in order to be able to carry out the role- playing games myself with authenticity.

I offer learners this key element of any learning : the concrete test.

It is therefore a truly participatory educational framework because I am firmly convinced that...


So we don't format people, we guide them towards more of themselves ! This is why I much prefer the term coach to that of trainer.


My pedagogy has therefore definitely turned towards the human being based on the discoveries of neuroscience and positive psychology in terms of human learning. By activating in this way, learners can thus try – and this without risk ! - the tools offered in training by testing them in exercises as close as possible to their concrete reality .


The figures speak for themselves : between receiving information and learning by trying, studies show that the retention rate of an adult goes up by 30%. .over 80%  !

You choose. What do you want ? Training or results ?

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You tell me, I forget...
       Tu teach me, I remember...
          You involve me, I learn!
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My professional experiences have thus led me to create the 3R Method where I have brought together the best tools offered by NLP , Transactional Analysis , Positive Psychology or even neurosciences in order to give everyone simple , fast and especially effective in improving the work environment or that of personal development.

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Fascinated by the arts and especially by the cinema, I also became a director of educational films but also of clips, advertisements and fictions.

I also share my 35 years of experience during conferences or seminars in French or English.

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LOGO - Zephyr Part 1
LOGO - Zephyr Part 2
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