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The development of an artistic project often comes up against the difference in language between artists and producers/distributors. How to effectively present your project? How to enthuse with a file? Let's face it, it's not always easy to put the dream into figures or the enthusiasm into a communication strategy. And vice versa.
And yet, all these aspects are essential and cannot be dissociated.

The Anglo-Saxons have understood this very well and refer to the entertainment industry by the addition of two words: "Show Business". This wording seems to me to be right because it associates the show and the financial aspects, which go hand in hand and aim at the same goal.

It is not simply a matter of writing a file with your ideas. You still have to be convincing, both in writing and orally. And that too is an art that can be learned.

Examples of "project" coaching

  • Making a case attractive

  • Establish a realistic budget

  • Create eye-catching visuals

  • Oral defense of a project

  • How to convince

  • How to use Powerpoint

  • The art of negotiation

  • Managing emotions

or specific problem (Contact me)

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To convince, the truth is not enough
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For a tailor-made formula or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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