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My art, my soul
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After many projects in the world of entertainment and events, I have come to the conclusion that the notion of competition between artists does not mean much.

Of course, some technical qualities are necessary but what will make the REAL difference,... is you!

Yes! You!
It is your sensitivity that makes you unique because it is your life experiences that have forged this sensitivity. No one else but you can be you!

The only real work of artists is to learn to release what makes them unique. It is not a technique... but a path!

But this path sometimes needs a map to avoid getting lost.

Examples of "personal" coaching

  • Regaining self-confidence

  • Managing stage fright

  • Breaking out of blockages

  • Presenting yourself to the media

  • Speaking in public

  • Preparing for a casting

  • Personal communication strategy

  • Stage presence: presence, microphones, ..

  • Development of creativity

  • Time management

  • Decision making support

  • Work / Life Balance

or specific problem (contact me)

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Doubt is the enemy of creativity.
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For a tailor-made formula or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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