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Artistic coachings

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After training as a robotics engineer (I.S.I.C.) and as an actor (I.N.S.A.S.), I have devoted more than 30 years to my passion for international events and shows.
I had the opportunity to be in charge of large-scale projects (opera, musical, theater, events, master classes...) as a producer, director, artist coach or artistic director.

But what struck me the most in all these experiences is the almost total absence in Europe of support for artists in the various corollary aspects of their profession.
I have seen too many beautiful artists give up their passion because they felt overwhelmed, because they didn't know how to deal with the pressure, the financial aspect, their copyright or performer's rights, the tax legislation, the promotion or simply their self-confidence.
But this does not cause simple abandonment. Because one does not choose to be an artist by default: it is a choice of life, a choice of soul! And the consequences of these abandonments can be dramatic for those who think they have to give up.
So let's avoid that with the right tools!

Artists are the voice of beauty, of hope, but also of the reflection of our condition as social and sociable human beings. I am not inventing anything: the Greeks had understood it very well. This is why I am convinced that it is essential to support our artists.

It is thus more than time to rehabilitate the artists in their essential functions in the city by making a lucid use of our knowledge, our help and our enthusiasm to see them bloom!

Eric Lefèvre

For a tailor-made formula or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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