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3R Method

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People first

The 3R Method © is the result of my research to obtain a simple , fast and above all effective technique for human learning and above all to effectively manage the fears that change causes in all of us.

From my many personal trainings (Transactional Analysis, NLP, Positive Psychology, etc.), I got the best out of it. I have assembled the most convincing elements to offer you the 3R Method .

This coaching method is intended to support people, both in the private and professional fields. In three steps, it unlocks the obstacles that slow down everyone's personal development, aiming for well-being and increased performance.

The 3R © Method is thus articulated in 3 stages:


R ethink

R eact

R eborn



In this first step, it is a question of rethinking your situation by putting it in a shadowless light, ie. by eliminating false beliefs, limiting thoughts and all the manifestations of these fears that prevent us from accessing change.

In this step,  we work together to understand your personal context of actions and rethink your life by putting yourself at the center of it.

Your life can only have one captain: you  !




Then, we will make your life goals a reality in your daily life   thanks to action tools specially adapted to your situation.

This ranges from decision-making support to organizational methods of implementation.



Of course, this last "R" could sound like the natural conclusion of the two previous stages.

True… but that would be incomplete !

Because being reborn is not enough: it is important to allow yourself to be independent after this rebirth.

This stage is therefore also that of the assessment thanks to self-assessment tools on the basis of which you can validate or improve the results obtained.


Whether you are a business manager, employee, craftsman, salesman, sportsman, public figure, artist or simply a person in search of well-being, the 3R© Method will have the dual objective of helping you achieve your goals and making you independent. as quickly as possible.

Some application examples:

The increase in self-confidence.

Achievement of your goals.

Self-assertion: creating a business, changing your life, etc.

The development of their creativity.

Stress management / verbal aggression.

Learn to say "no".

Sales techniques.

Speaking in public / in front of the media.

Best practices for a job interview / oral exam.



Make your dream devour your life
so that your life
don't devour your dream.
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When you need a compass
INSERT - Eric Lefèvre

Many people ask me the question:   what is a coach really for?

A coach is the one who will accompany you by offering you the best possible path that is best suited to your situation. In other words, he is not the one who will make the effort for you: it is you who will change your life ! But changing your life with a coach is like giving yourself a compass when you've lost the meaning of your life.

But it would be tedious to detail here all the possibilities offered by the 3R© Method. Do not hesitate to contact me to submit, in complete confidentiality, your request or your question.

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