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Because your brand image starts there.


Not investing in hospitality is like driving without a license : it's possible but it means taking the risk of no longer being able to drive ! To avoid this, I suggest Method “ S.ERVICE ” to guarantee your brand image.

A quality welcome also means knowing how to manage customers called " difficiles ", but whom I prefer to call " les clients under emotion ”. Knowing how to manage the emotional makes it possible to transform a delicate moment into a real opportunity !

Welcoming is an attitude and not a habit. This is why I will offer you in this training many role plays so that each participant can :

  • understand the importance of a quality reception,

  • integrate emotional management,

  • risk-free experimenting with the tools of a good brand image.


A quality welcome is the first dance that we reserve for our customers. All the more reason not to step on their toes !

Because don't forget that...

The reception is the first moment of truth!


At the end of the training, participants will be able to :

  • apply the SERVICE methodology face to face as much as on the telephone for a quality welcome,

  • identify and respond to customer expectations,

  • professionally manage emotions,

  • negotiate constructive solutions in the event of refusal, putting on hold, making appointments, transmitting messages, etc.

1 - The place of reception in the communication chain

  • What is a good welcome  good for?

  • Communication tools to use

  • The supremacy of the emotional over the factual 


2 - Reception techniques

  • Detect customer expectations

  • Apply the SERVICE method

  • (Smile, Establish Contact, Recognize, Voice, Information, Pamper, Impress)

  • Interpret hidden customer languages


3 - Dealing with difficult times

  • Manage customers " under emotion "

  • Manage your own emotions


4 -  Action Plan

  • Self-assessment method

  • Develop your strengths

  • Create a personal action plan



  • Using role-playing to uncover and embed knowledge

  • Emphasis on practice for faster and more comfortable use in the field

  • Implementation of a real action plan for a concrete improvement of reception techniques

  • reception manager

  • Manager's assistant

  • Secretary and executive assistant

  • Salesperson / Sales consultant

  • … and any member of a team brought into contact with internal/external customers

Target audience


The advantages of this training:

  • Presence of many role plays throughout the training

  • As a trainer and professional actor, I want to give maximum credibility to role-playing games.

Useful information :

  • Available languages: French / English.

  • "Discovery" formats : 2 or 4 hours

  • "Expertise" formats: 1 or 2  days

  • Number of participants : 12 maximum.

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