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Because balance is not always innate.
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Learn to balance your career and your life

Nobody will be able to deny it : the level of demand that we feel as managers, spouses, bosses or parents continues to increase. And the good reasons are legion : productivity that must increase, be available to everyone without ever being stressed, understand and dare to say no, hide our guilt of being imperfect, ...

In short, we want to believe in this certainty that we must constantly surpass ourselves, touch the Holy Grail of being efficient and infallible at all times.

Does this sentence seem absurd, senseless, even dangerous to you ?

And yet, many are those who succumb to the sirens of this imaginary paradise. They thus cease to distinguish the border which separates too much from not enough and then open the door wide to imbalances. Proof of this is the frightening increase in burnouts in recent years.

Of course, many companies are aware of their share of responsibility in this phenomenon, but my experience in individual coaching has shown me that the victims of burnout admit their involvement and their obstinate blindness - conscious or not - in this descent into hell.

Training in the management of this balance between work and private life is therefore beneficial for everyone : for the individual in his comfort of life and his fulfillment, but also for the company which acts thus effectively against absenteeism and increases its performance by cultivating interest in people.

So never be one of those who say : " If I had known "…

Rethink your context with accuracy,

React with the tools adapted to your concrete situation,

Be reborn to yourself and your goals because this is your life that is about !

Choose a job you love
and you won't have to work
one day of your life.
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At the end of the training, participants will be able to :


  • The analysis of his personal obstacle to the balance between professional and private life (5 primary fears)

  • Knowledge of the consequences of the imbalance (mechanism of stress/burnout)

  • Discovery of positive personal strengths in the face of perceived burdens

  • Recognize the preventive symptoms of stress to act before undergoing

  • Learning the 3R© Method as a tool for effective change

  • The concrete tools to generate this balance

  • The realization of a personal action/prevention plan

  • Clear definition of learning and life goals

  • Life/Work balance is treated from its contextualization to its concrete realization

  • The training largely favors practice (exercises) and the concrete (implementation)

  • This training is supported by an exercise book promoting the memory loop

  • The training is customizable by individual coaching or by deepening cycles : Time Management 4.0, emotional management, etc. On demand.

  • This training is also available in French.

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  • Langues disponibles : Français / Anglais.

  • Formats "Découverte"  : 2 ou 4 heures

  • Formats "Expertise" : 1  ou 2 jours

  • Nombre de participants : 15 maximum.

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