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Mental hygiene
for artists

For art schools



Duration(s): 2 hours

Participants: from 10 to 50 maximum

Available languages: French / English

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“Mental Hygiene for Artists”


the strategy of action in the philosophy of joy

for mental hygiene of artists and they companions



The purpose of the training presented in this dossier is to make artists studying in a artistic school aware of the importance of healthy mental hygiene and to offer them simple, quick and effective tools to maintain it.



At the end of the session, learners will be able to:

  • Position yourself regarding the role of the artist in our society

  • Take action to develop and maintain their self-confidence

  • To apply personalized tools to fight against stress

  • To identify and fight concretely against depressive thoughts

  • To have a clear vocabulary to communicate more effectively with their colleagues, their teachers but also their relatives






This training lasts 2 hours (adaptable)



At the end of the session, a short syllabus summarizing the points covered will be distributed to learners.



This training is intended for:

  • To student artists in an art school

  • To the teachers supervising these students

  • To anyone wishing to improve their support for artists



Your trainer

Your coach for this training will be Eric Lefèvre

  • artistic coach

  • Softskills Master Trainer

  • Artistic Director

  • Internship Director

  • Actor


Pedagogical vision

"As an artist myself and having experienced many sometimes abysmal emotional ups and downs, I am firmly convinced that I could not have held on if I had not found the tools necessary for my survival, as emotional than physical.

And believe me, I'm not exaggerating!

It was while looking for these tools that I realized that the management of self-confidence, the keystone of good mental health, were simple to apply and that neurosciences, positive psychology, NLP, Jungian approach and even the philosophy of Spinoza had clearly marked out this area, which was nevertheless so little known.

And unbelievably, no one, absolutely no one had ever spoken to me about it! Neither my parents, nor my friends, nor my teachers! Nobody knew !

In a troubled world like the one in which we live, the role of the artist has never been so important or so ostracized. Putting the artist back in his authentic political and poetic role for the city begins by putting him back at the center of himself.

Thus, I put a lot of importance in transmitting these tools by bringing them into rehearsal rooms, on stage but also and above all in schools! »


Eric Lefevre


Teaching method

The learning system during this session is based on the following points:

  • Experienced, dynamic and enthusiastic coach

  • Demonstration exercises accompanying the statement of a theory

  • Custom examples of the tools offered

  • Good humor because it increases the quality of retention of information

  • Learners should not take notes to ensure the most active participation possible

  • At the end of the session, learners receive a summary of the points covered

  • The coach remains available during and especially after the session for personal questions/answers in order to protect everyone's modesty.


Languages available

          This training is available in French and English.

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The artist does not wake up to the light of the day
but by the light of his ideas.
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Adrien Versachere

To obtain a customized offer,

don't hesitate to contact me.

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